Midstream Training Qualifications (MSTQ) is a set of training requirements, requested by and designed for PEC members of the midstream industry, comprised of core training, non-core training and hands-on training requirements. Currently offered as a supplement or a stand-alone, the MSTQ Module, in addition with SafeLandUSA, satisfies the awareness level core training requirements. Additionally, the non-core training and hands-on training will soon be phased into this course.

Target Audience:  Entry level workers, and management, working in the Oil and Gas Midstream Industry. Taken with SafeLandUSA, MSTQ enables contractors and sub-contractors to satisfy the requested MSTQ Core Training Requirements.

Prerequisites:  SafeLandUSA – prior to (or in addition to) the MSTQ Module. If completed within the last year, prerequisite requirements are satisfied. To check the date of your SafeLandUSA credential, visit

Completion Time:  3-4 Hours

Certificates:  PEC ID card with student picture, bar code, and completed courses.



This course covers midstream requirements to provide awareness training for the following:

  1. Disciplinary Program Awareness
  2. Reporting Injuries and Illnesses
  3. Hazard Recognition
  4. Slips, Trips and Falls
  5. Hand and Power Tools Awareness
  6. Flammables and Combustibles
  7. Static Electricity
  8. Bonding and Grounding
  9. Flash Fires
  10. Spotter Awareness
  11. Spotter Requirements
  12. Backing Up a Vehicle
  13. Hand Signaling for Directing Vehicles
  14. Wildlife Awareness
  15. Insects, Ticks and Spiders
  16. Rodents and Wild or Stray Animals
  17. Snakes