PEC H2S Clear is designed, with the help and endorsement of Eric Rosemann CSP, to improve the safety performance and workplace environments of industry workers who may come in contact with hydrogen sulfide during their job duties.

PEC H2S Clear meets the classroom requirements of ANSI Z390.1 and is available as a standalone course or can be taken in addition to a PEC Basic Orientation, PEC Basic/10, or PEC Core Compliance course.

Target Audience:  Oil and gas industry employees working in plant, dockside, onshore or offshore facilities, contractors and operators.

Prerequisite:  There are no prerequisites for this course

Completion Time:  4-5 Hours

Certificates:  PEC ID card with student picture, bar code, and completed courses.

Upon completion of the course, all students are automatically entered into PEC’s Training Tracker where your company’s clients and auditors can view proof of employee orientation.



The following are the PEC H2S Clear course topics covered in this training:

  1. Acute and Chronic Health Effects
  2. Administrative Controls
  3. API Hazard Conditions
  4. Buddy System
  5. Burning, Flaring, and Venting
  6. Characteristics of Hydrogen Sulfide
  7. Chemical and Physical Properties
  8. Company and Worker Responsibilities
  9. Contingency Plans
  10. Corrective Actions and Shutdown Procedures
  11. Detection and Monitoring Methods
  12. Emergency Response and Evacuation
  13. Engineering Controls
  14. First Aid and Post-exposure Evaluation
  15. Hydrogen Sulfide in Confined Spaces
  16. Hazards of Hydrogen Sulfide and Sulfur Dioxide
  17. Ignition Sources
  18. Immediate Action Plans
  19. Methods for Detecting and Monitoring
  20. Personal Protective Equipment
  21. Respiratory Protection
  22. Routes and Limits of Exposure
  23. Safe Work Practices
  24. Sensitivity and Acute and Chronic Health Effects
  25. Sources of Hydrogen Sulfide
  26. Training Requirements
  27. Ventilation
  28. Warning Signs and Alarms